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Instant Access and Fixed Term Saving Accounts


Our client, a medium sized bank, had approx. 40,000 customers that held short to long term saving accounts. Previously, these customers would be unaware of their annual interests earned, maturity dates and amounts so they would need to call up the bank to enquire.

To serve these customers daily, bank would need to hire 16 members of staff incurring huge resourcing cost. They did not have such budget so they would have struggled to provide a world class service to exceed the industry expectations and meet regulatory requirements.

The process needs to connect to SAP, Excel, PDF writer and fixed deposit savings system to collect data and prepare statements.

The steps would involve:

  1. Running the process triggered automatically by the online requests from clients or based on a set schedule;
  2. Extracting all data directly from the savings section of SAP;
  3. Calculating interests and expected return on maturity, including the early withdrawal charges and aggregate amounts;
  4. Generating pdf statements and uploading them onto the DHL postal portal for sending as paper statements;
  5. Generating encrypted pdf statements and sending them electronically with industry-level security, where customers have chosen to receive them electronically;
  6. Generate annual statements and reports and make them available on customers' online access accounts; and
  7. Running independently, overnight, without any impact on business operations.

Key Benefits

1. Cost Avoidance through Automation

With the automation running entirely independently, the client would not need to hire additional 16 members of staff to serve the customers.

2. Improving Customer Service through Automation

As an added benefit, the customer service saw a massive improvement, as customers were able to access all the information they needed on their online banking self-service.

Customer Journey through Automation

  • Step 1

    Customer accesses their online banking


    With the automation proactively running and creating all the required information relating to savings products, all the reports are readily available for the customers at the click of a button.

  • Step 2

    Customer requests further information

    (Bespoke RPA)

    A robot running on the server picks up the customer request. Knowing that the request has come through from a verified customer, the robot now connects to SAP, Excel, the PDF maker and the postal system simultaneously and produces a variety of reports, including;

    • A certificate of account balance
    • An early withdrawal quote, including any interest amounts lost and accrued amounts
    • Maturity report including the date and the final aggregate amount
    • A personalised Savings Review Report, showing comparable industry interest rates, personal saving targets and related information, specifically designed to serve the customer's interests

Key Successes

Cost Avoidance

16 Full Time Equivalent members of staff

The entire process, if done manually, would require 16 full time members of staff to serve customers better.
Agile Automations has helped the business to avoid the cost of hiring and training in the first year.

Improved Accuracy & Customer Service

Significant improvement in the Customer Satisfaction Survey results in the first quarter

The business conducts the customer satisfaction survey every quarter. After rolling out the new service, the business saw significant improvement in the survey results and customer retention.

A truely versatile and future-proof solution

The versatility of the solution means it can be used in other divisions, like loans and mortgages

With further scoping, it was soon apparent that the solution can be used to provide similar services to loan, credit card and mortgage customers who wish to access the information on demand using the online banking.

Client Testimonial

We considered other off-the-shelf record-and-play RPA solutions prior to contacting Agile guys, however we realised that our requirements being complex and involving multiple systems, needed an RPA provider that can build truly agile, configurable and bespoke solutions. We are happy that we not only avoided cost, but also gained some intangible benefits like CSAT scores.

Head of Operations


Scrum development methodology combined with extensive experience in developing custom coded RPA solutions, we at Agile Automations are changing the desktop RPA scene towards a more sustainable and reliable adaptation of RPA into the businesses.

Can your business benefit from such relentless commitment to perfection? Contact us to find out more!

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Client Sector:


A UK based multinational bank with footprint in several countries.

Systems Automated:

  • Adobe Acrobat Writer Logo Adobe Acrobat
  • Outlook logo MS Outlook
  • SAP logo SAP
  • Backoffice logo Legacy System

Main Outcomes:

  • Image Description Improved Efficiency
  • Image Description Improved Accuracy
  • Image Description Regulatory Reporting