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Robotic Process Automation: Making Technology Easy.


Robotic process automation is a method of implementing simplicity into your business. It will enable the business to eradicate manual repetitive keying tasks whilst reducing the error rate. Agile Automations can deliver robust solutions to enable these efficiencies in an organisation.

Ease of Use

Minimal training is required when implementing automations. Our solutions are easy, user-friendly and straight forward; meaning less time on training the users up and more time servicing your customers.

Drive Performance and Productivity

Automation is efficient; by automating mindless processing tasks you could be cutting down on staffing costs, improving process throughput, decreasing error rates and the necessity for rework, quick return on investment and overall better servicing for your customer.

Differences we make for our clients!

Agile Automations can provide a Sharepoint consultancy service to offer advice on how Sharepoint can be used most effectively within your business.

Our Sharepoint Experts can create bespoke Sharepoint solutions to meet your business requirements.

Agile Automations have a proven track record in delivering Robotic Process Automation and Desktop Automation within different financial institutes. We have years of experience in generating efficiencies and enhancing processes.

We offer a consultancy service to your organisation to help educate and up-skill your members of staff to be able to deliver such achievements. Our experienced consultants are always looking to share their knowledge!

Unsupported applications are common within companies. It often happens whereby a business will find themselves a diamond within their ranks who happens to be an experienced coder for VBA developments that can offer to help improve business processes... but what happens when this person moves on to a new role or leaves the organisation?

Agile Automations can review any existing and unsupported VB developments you may have within your organisation and look to take them on and support going forward. We can even look to see if there is room to improve on these existing applications to enhance the process even further.

VBA is used in most organisations and has incredible amounts of potential for its usage.

Agile Automations designs, creates and implements custom VBA builds fit for a wide range of potential problems within a business.

Some of the great automations include....

  • Update thousands of customer accounts in a batch process...
  • Customer records processesing to keep all systems in sync...
  • Live payments processing...

If documents are flying from team to team with no real structure behind the process, Agile Automations can create a custom VBA workflow which will simplify the whole process end to end; giving you a simple tool to be used across business units using the software you already have!

We can design tools to help capture the most important of MI information, ranging from Productivity Monitoring to User Process Throughput.

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