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Agile Automations Case Studies


  • Agile Automations Robot cutting the workload by half

    Rise of the Robots: How KCS cut manual processing time by 50%

    Order Processing | Outlook | Attachments | Optical Character Recognition Rise of the Robots: How KCS cut manual processing time by 50% Home > Case Studies > KCC Email Orders Background KCS is one of the largest UK suppliers to schools, nurseries, and public sector organisations. Established more than 90 years ago KCS now boasts thousands of customers and is a trusted procurement partner in early years [...]

  • Agile Project Management

    Customer ID and Verification for KYC (Know Your Customers)

    KYC, Due Dilligence, Online Security, ID&V RPA MAKES ID&V EFFICIENT DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE CUSTOMER DATA IS STORED IN MULTIPLE LEGACY SYSTEMS Home > Case Studies > ID&V Background There are some small banks or even some big banks with lots of legacy systems that struggle to synchronise the customer data across systems. Now, when a customer calls for some banking assistance, the staff members would ask [...]

  • Agile Automations Case Studies Background

    Structured Financial Products – Instant access and fixed term saving accounts

    Account Management & BAU INSTANT ACCESS AND FIXED TERM SAVING ACCOUNTS Home > Case Studies > Saving Accounts Background Our client, a medium sized bank, had approx. 40,000 customers that held short to long term saving accounts. Previously, these customers would be unaware of their annual interests earned, maturity dates and amounts so they would need to call up the bank to enquire. To serve these customers daily, bank [...]

  • Agile Automations Homepage Slide 2

    Debit cards customer on-boarding automation

    On-boarding, Multi-system Updates & Due Diligence DEBIT CARDS CUSTOMER ON-BOARDING AUTOMATION Home > Case Studies > Debit Cards Background Our client required a fully automated work-flow to manage on-boarding of the customers to their organisation. This would include automating the end-to-end process, all the way from FPOC with the customers to setting up their accounts, credit checks, KYC  checks and sending out new cards. Problem Statement Enable [...]

  • Agile RPA Developer's Desk

    Major product change with RPA for a leading UK bank

    Change Management, CRM, On-boarding, Multi-system Updates RPA TO MANAGE A MAJOR PRODUCT CHANGE FOR A LEADING UK BANK Home > Case Studies > Product Change Background One of our valued clients, who is a multinational financial institution, required us to build a client management system to initiate, maintain and process a group-wide product change drive. Problem Statement To replace old legacy credit cards (that earns customers [...]


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