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We speak with many clients who are keen to implement Intelligent Automation solutions within their organisations, however not sure where to begin, due to resource, experience or technical limitations.

This is our solution, to allow you to try Bespoke Intelligent Automation solutions, while we share the financial risk with you, through our match funding proposition.

We find that the best way to really show the power of automations within your own organisation, is to try it! We want to help.

Maybe you are completely new to Intelligent Automations or you have tried some of the RPA, AI, RDA, ChatGPT, CoPilot and other solutions available in the market before, without being able to gain any real traction or indeed results. It may even have been in your strategy to implement it in future to make your business more efficient and automated.

We want to give you the opportunity to implement Intelligent Automation solutions and with this in mind, we are launching our matched funding programme for 2024. This will offer you, the opportunity to apply for matched funding, upto £50,000, from Agile Automations, to support your Intelligent Automation journey with Agile Automations.

How does this Work? Simple- for qualifying applications, we will match your budget, in affect, doubling your investment, up to £50,000. So, as an example, a £10,000 solution, would cost you £5,000, with Agile Automations matching this with a additional £5,000; to offer the full £10,000 investment.

There are various ways that this can be utilised, for example; A Proof of Concept, POC, can be undertaken, quickly and affectively as a standalone product; such as providing a solution to a unique, time critical requirement or ran in test envirnoment, external of core infrastructure. Your risk capital is reduced, as we would share half the cost.

We work closely with you, in a strategic partnership, to really identify a key area, a standalone problem, for the organisation and show how Agile Automations can take your automations to the next level.

PLEASE NOTE: Terms and Conditions apply. For New Clients only and Only those Organisations that have been Invited to apply for Match Funding either directly or via a nominated third party, such as an approved Membership Organisation.

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    Client Testimonials

    Over 3 years and a 6-figure investment into established well-known packaged Robotics software has been replaced in a matter of weeks at a fraction of the cost with Agile Automations.


    In some cases, we were waiting months for fixes to source system adapters with established well-known packaged Robotics software, we’ve not had to wait longer than a single day with Agile Automations to fix matching or interrogation issues.


    What took 6 months to develop with an established well known packaged Robotics software tool took 6 days with Agile Automations!

    Agile Automations are built with effective error trapping and rather than crashing or freezing they present the user with the information from the source system which is causing the error, gone are the days of wanting to throw the computer out the window…