Unique Robotic Desktop and Robotic Process Automations

Our solutions stand out from the other RPA providers in the market..

We work closely with our clients’ SMEs to understand their operational targets, conduct a thorough feasibility analysis on systems and streamline the processes. We help our clients make their processes suitable for automation by cutting down unnecessary steps like paper forms, excel sheets and printouts. We do this without any 3rd party software, licensing costs or massive infrastructure investments.

We implement RDA to eliminate all mundane, repetitive tasks that customers or staff need to perform on their computers.

Finally, we implement robust RPA solutions to carry out complex ‘behind the scenes’ data processing in batch format and achieve massive efficiency and accuracy improvements.

All the while, we plan future updates, known exception scenarios and code our robots in a way that in future, if a system or process changes, there is no need to rebuild the solution from scratch.

Icon Simultaneous Updates


Our solutions connect to multiple systems at the same time, allowing seamless data-exchange.

ID&V KYC Automation

Our solution interacts with SAP, Dynamics CRM, MS Excel and Database at the same time.

Machine Learning Icon


Our solutions learn user actions in scenarios of exceptions, and apply similar logic in repeated situations.

AML Transactions Checks

Bespoke RPA case study, where the robot gets more efficient as it is used more.

End to end audit


Our solutions capture end to end audit trail ensuring compliance and produce on-demand MI reports.

Credit Card Automation

Custom-coded RPA to automate entire workflow of 5 credit card teams while keeping multi-channel updates and audit trails maintained.

Agile Automations Exceptions


Our solutions keep the logic layer and UI layer separate, allowing tremendous amount of exceptions built in.

Scalability and future-proofing

We design and develop our robots followed by a thorough need analysis and with anticipation of myriad of potential scenarios.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation is a process of streamlining entire business operation, all the way from improving systems, process steps, data-exchange between systems, customer journey and automating the entire workflow.

Consider a scenario, where a company looks at efficiency savings in their credit card operations. They have several teams working on processes including front-line customer service, transactions monitoring, compliance, charges and refunds, escalations and complaints and there is a huge resource requirement to provide accurate, efficient and fully compliant customer service. This becomes even more trickier with massive overload of regulatory requirements like GDPR, FATCA and others.

Also, to stay on top of industry challenges like new products, customer expectations, competitor analysis; there is a true need to improve the entire operation using smart technology, streamlining the processes, cutting the paper-trail and making data transfer between systems and teams seamless. The BPA is the solution that can achieve this goal without massive technology investment or 3rd party software licensing.

Robotic Process Automation and Robotic Desktop Automations are the two tools that help our clients achieve the true benefits of BPA.

We design and develop hand-coded, custom made RPA and RDA solutions that evolve with the changing needs of corporate operations.

Try our services through a Proof of Concept.

Automation Video Demo

Agile Automations BPA Video Demo

In this BPA example we automate entire card operation of 5 teams – consisting of frontline staff and their authorisers. Video shows how the tasks of frontline staff in creating new customer records can be automated using RDA.

Made to Measure RPA

The Bebefits of Bespoke, Custom-coded, Fully Supported Business Solutions

Business processes and systems constantly change to respond to new products, customer demands, market competition or regulatory requirements.

Current RPA solutions available in the market, are not as agile as they should be to respond to this change. That’s where we come in. We custom-code each solution to specifically address a problem, so we can plan for change in advance and can adapt quicker than any of-the-shelf product.

Key advantages of our automations include:

The Differences We Make for Our Clients

We not only build custom-coded RPA and RDA solutions but also provide a full-scale, thorough support all the way from consultation to the implementation and maintenance.

This proposition ensures that the clients can try the relatively new technology without massive investment or staff training commitments.

We have listed below, some of the many real life business scenarios where the bespoke nature of the automations is the only way to achieve efficient and accurate automation…

Fully supported solutions

Sharepoint, Dynamic CRM, Salesforce, SAP and Other CRM Automations

In our over 15 years of experience of developing bespoke RPA solutions for our finance, retail and other corporate clients, we have developed extensive APIs that can automate any sections of these systems. We update our APIs proactively ahead of updates of these system.

Automating Existing Applications, Solutions and 3rd Party Vendor Systems

Unsupported applications are common within companies. It often happens whereby a business will find themselves a diamond within their ranks who happens to be an experienced coder for VBA developments that can offer to help improve business processes… but what happens when this person moves on to a new role or leaves the organisation?

We review any existing and unsupported VB developments our clients may have within their organisation and look to take them on and support going forward.

New agile and lean workflows

If documents are flying from team to team with no real structure behind the process, we support our clients create an agile workflow which simplifies the whole process; giving them a simple tool to be used across business units using the software they already have!

Client Testimonials

Over 3 years and a 6-figure investment into established well-known packaged Robotics software has been replaced in a matter of weeks at a fraction of the cost with Agile Automations.


In some cases, we were waiting months for fixes to source system adapters with established well-known packaged Robotics software, we’ve not had to wait longer than a single day with Agile Automations to fix matching or interrogation issues.


What took 6 months to develop with an established well known packaged Robotics software tool took 6 days with Agile Automations!

Agile Automations are built with effective error trapping and rather than crashing or freezing they present the user with the information from the source system which is causing the error, gone are the days of wanting to throw the computer out the window…