Save time and expense on repetitive team tasks with

Intelligent Automations


Save time and expense on repetitive team tasks with

Intelligent Automations


We provide end-to-end support, covering all the key stages of Robotic Process Automations including Scoping, Process Discovery, Design, Development, Training and Maintenance.

Don’t struggle with inefficiencies when we can provide you with a tailored solution that will improve both your business processes and engage your employees’ abilities so they are more involved in what matters most – delivering the best service possible for all of your clients.

Agile Automations Proposition - AUTOMATING YOUR BUSINESS


We have developed three core areas, solutions, that we provide to our clients


With you every step of the way

We act as your strategic partner, in providing robotic automation solutions to your organisation, working with you to understand your processes within your teams, which can be streamlined, automated and implemented across your organisation.

We follow Agile methodology for our development process. This ensures that the minimum viable solution is ready to test at the end of the first sprint. This also allows iterative improvements ensuring maximum benefits realisation.

At this stage, we work closely with your SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) Teams, and managers to observe the current, manual process, undertaken to perform a task and capture the steps, the time it takes for each iteration and how critical the process is for the business.

We also conduct a thorough scoping exercise to ensure all known and anticipated scenarios are considered, that a bot might come into contact with.

Dependent upon the requirements of the project; we might build a POC, ‘proof of concept’, solutions that our client can use as a standalone product, while we are developing the organisation’s process automation.

At this stage, we design and develop an automation solution or several, that will cover all aspects of the processes that we are automating, including end-to-end automation and ensuring that all known scenarios and unknown considerations are included; so that the automation can deal with these when experienced.

This way, we deliver a solution that meets the specific needs of the organisation, while staying agile for its future needs and wants.

The solutions are designed and installed on the client’s own systems, in a secure, test environment, without exposing any data to external systems or applications.

In short, we do not touch any client data, which means your data remains secure, on your infrastructure.

Once the automation goes live, we support the rollout and implementation across the teams.

We ensure that the automations are thoroughly tested to work with the native systems as desired, pushing and pulling data in real-time.

We remove the need for our clients to train and maintain internal, technical development software developers, to configure, change or maintain the solutions in the future.

Through Agile Automations, you can gain access to one of the leading teams in the industry, with a proven track record of results. We prepare full audit trails, and management reports and conduct proactive maintenance to ensure that the solutions remain fit for purpose while sharing best practices throughout.

Agile Automations has been built on a reputation of proactivity, agility and excellence of proposition and service.

Acting as your strategic, robotic automations, partner, we work with you, to maintain a proactive work stack and constantly review with you, the strategic direction of your automation goals and how best these might be achieved.

Agile Automations Wheel


Our unique service proposition, covering key aspects of RPA implementations

Our proposition covers a variety of services that can be adapted to suit your business requirements. We specialise in fully managed bespoke RPA development; however, we also provide the following essential services that are vital for business success.


Our solutions are easy to use, fit for purpose, fully managed and relevant for any business or industry

We are experts in developing the bespoke RPA solutions that serve the 100% automation for any business processes, however, some of our products are fully adaptable to any business. Read below for more.