Agile Automations appoints former journalist to head up firm’s communications strategy

Specialist, Manchester-based, Robotic Process Automations firm, Agile Automations, has appointed Shelina Begum to head up the company’s communications strategy.

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Manchester tech firms share knowledge with cyber security companies

Manchester tech businesses have collaborated with industry leaders on the challenges around data sharing. The Virtual Innovation Lab, ran by FutureEverything, focused on how citizens can safely participate in society through digital platforms. As part of the Innovate Manchester programme, organisers brought together large businesses, SMEs and academia to exchange ideas on real-life scenarios.

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The human value of MedTech: How automations can prioritise high-risk patients for a Covid-19 vaccine

It’s the medical breakthrough on everyone’s lips. The promising news of a possible Pfizer vaccine, announced earlier this week, is already being hailed as ‘a watershed moment’ in the fight against Coronavirus.

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The three biggest misconceptions about automation in business

Every organisation can benefit from faster, more efficient, business processes; that’s a fact. Whether it’s processing payments, handling data or carrying out regulatory checks, by embracing technology you can streamline your business and liberate your workforce.

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Homeworking after coronavirus pandemic – now is the time to invest in digital innovation

As the fallout from the global pandemic continues, businesses are facing up to the fact that some changes are here to stay.

Agile Automations takes a look at the trend for a remote workforce and how this ‘new way of working’ will be more reliant on technology than ever.

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The top 5 most commonly asked questions on RPA

Bespoke, custom-coded RPA solutions deliver some unique advantages over off-the-shelf, record-and-play products. We have worked with several clients and compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions on RPA.

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Agile Automations at the Manchester Design City Festival

The Community Village will also showcase the incredible organisers and volunteers who run free meet-ups and courses across the city, all aimed at closing the skills gap.

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