Mastering ChatGPT: Top Tips for Effective Prompt Management

To get the most out of ChatGPT, you need to learn how to prompt it. Here we take a look at effective prompt management and offer some top tips.

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Inside AI: Agile Automations boosts product with Microsoft access to OpenAI

"Access to OpenAI via Microsoft Azure not only improves our service, but it gives clients that extra reassurance because Microsoft is a secure provider. We are on the front foot with emerging technology, especially advances in AI."

Why Intelligent Automation is a game changer for businesses in 2023

CEO of Agile Automations Martin Keelagher reveals how Manchester firms can get ‘recession ready’ with Intelligent Automation

The Future is Automated: How to use Intelligent Automation in FinTech

In the final part of our Future is Automated series, we join forces with two other Manchester-based tech businesses to discuss how IA can drive new levels of accuracy and analytics at scale.

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The Future is Automated: What’s the real cost of not investing in digital transformation?

Digital transformation is happening across all business sectors and it’s only going to accelerate. We ask the experts, what's the cost of not investing?

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